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Beautifully simple. Non-invasive. Not a cure but an aid. Not guaranteed to work for all Parkinson’s people but we are seeing outstanding results stack up.

No surgery

No surgery required - just a simple fitting by our experts

No wires

The device is wireless and discreet

No batteries

The device doesn’t require charging or batteries

Just simple...

The design is simple, effective, unobtrusive and subtle

About the device

  • The Eye Guide MC is designed to be used by people with Parkinson’s where the Basal Ganglia (our movement control centre) has been damaged.
  • The Eye Guide MC is based on weight. The brain notices the weight of the Guide and the eye picks up the Guide in its peripheral vision. This combination of stimuli sends a signal to the brain, which is then able to find a new pathway for movement and speech messages.
  • The Eye Guide MC is a simple device that, when worn, can gradually improve the debilitating symptoms of Parkinson’s (speech, tremor, movement, coordination).
  • The Eye Guide MC is a lightweight earpiece that hooks over the ear – it looks like a very thin Bluetooth earpiece.
  • The Eye Guide MC is non invasive and sits externally and can be easily fitted and removed.
  • The Eye Guide MC has a CE mark, Medical Device Accreditation and has been trialled by people with Parkinson’s. Detailed research into the broader benefits of the device is ongoing.
We can not guarantee that the Eye Guide MC will work for everyone. Every person with Parkinson's has a different brain and so will react differently to the Guide.
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About me

Hello! I’m Sandra McDonough, the inventor and founder of the Eye Guide MC. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s on the eve of my 40th birthday and my symptoms rapidly worsened.


We would like to thank the following for their help and generosity, without them our journey would have been much different.


We're proud to be awarded by:

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  • Parkinsons UK
  • University of Lincoln
  • Greenborough Management Ltd
  • BSA Moundings Ltd

Personal Acknowledgments

  • Doctor Humberstone neurologist Grantham and Lincoln Hospital.
  • Charli Whitaker Lincoln University for the help and advice.
  • Paul Smith Greenborough for the amazing patience and advice given to us.
  • Sue Giles and her family from BSA Mouldings who have become invaluable to Eye Guide MC.
  • James Pinchbeck BA (Hons) DipM FloD Marketing partner, Streets Chartered Accountants.
  • Jake Walton Welland Print.
  • Rebecca Mack Ipconsult for her patience and kindness.


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